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Access to course and materials

Q: Is this e-Learning Programme free?

A: Yes, this programme is absolutely free. You do not have to pay anything. You just need access to a computer with an Internet connection to attend.

Q: Will you send me books, CDs, DVDs, or PDF files?

A: All materials are available on line for free download.

Q: How can I start the course?

A: All that you need to do is to register, by accessing the site, clicking on the title of each of the courses that you are interested in and creating an online profile, and the courses you registered in will be accessible to you.

Q: Can I access these courses from any computer?

A: Yes, all you will need is an Internet connection and your account login information.

Q: Where do classes take place?

A: The e-Learning Programme and its courses take place wherever your computer is: at home, at work, on the road -- anywhere that you can connect to the Internet.

Q: When does my class meet?

A: There are no class times. You can log onto the system whenever it is convenient for you, at any time, day or night, to take a unit, complete a course, or just part of a course. You do not have to be online at a set time of day.

Q: How to Register?

A: To register and see the full schedule for each course, you would need to click on the title of the course that interests you from the e-Learning page, http://elearning.evalpartners.org, and you will see the   button to register for that course.  You don’t have to register for all courses. You can choose to register for each course separately.


Q: Forgot password?

A: Login details are personal. You may go to the e-Learning page (elearning.evalpartners.org) and use the "Request new password" at the top of the page.
1) Once you have entered your username or email address, filled the captcha code and requested for the new password to be sent to your e-mail, you will then receive an email with a link.
2) You will need to click on this link that you receive in your email inbox and you will be logged in automatically.
3) Kindly note that this is a one-time login and after you are logged in you must change your password immediately. This link expires after three days.
4) After you have changed your password, you will be able to login again using your new password.

Q: Will e-Learning work in my smart phone, tablet and other handheld devices?

A: As of now, handheld devices such as iPhone and iPad do not support the e-Learning programme. For mobile devices that support Flash (Android devices), the e-learning programme can be viewed using the mobile browser similar to viewing the course/units from a desktop or laptop computer with Internet access.


Q: Why is it that I cannot advance and open the test again? Why am I locked out of the programme?

A: Please be informed that the e-learning units were designed that users like you should be able to resume units from where they left off, by clicking Yes when asked. Though this is only good if the learner has not taken the test yet.

However, if learner has already taken the test and failed, if and when asked if you would like to continue where you left off, select No from the message box and that would then start a fresh unit allowing learners to both access resources as well as attempt the unit and test again. Simply use the outline to navigate around the unit.


Q: How to obtain the materials? When will you email me the materials?

A: This is an e-Learning programme; therefore, all courses and units are accessible online.  Simply login with your username and password at elearning.evalpartners.org and click on to the title of the course that you registered in.  From there, simply click on START beneath the Status column. Once opened all units within a course will be open for 16 weeks, the schedule can be found on the main courses page at the bottom.



Content and Focus of the course

Q: Who is this e-Learning Programme designed for?

A: The courses are designed to teach several subjects intended to improve competency in conducting evaluations. Anyone who is interested in evaluation, or who is involved in managing, conducting, or using evaluations will benefit from it.

Q: How much time do I need to complete a course?

A: Once opened, all units will remain open until the end of the course for 16 weeks. Course will open three times.

16 February 2018 - April 30, 2018
May 16, 2018 - August 31, 2018
September 12, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Each Unit is composed by a lecture approximately 30 minutes, 20-30 pages of reading material, and a test of 10 questions. However, the first unit in the “Equity-Focused and Gender-Responsive Evaluations” is a special one, as it is composed of a 55-minute lecture and 125 pages reading material. But don’t get scared! This is only for the first unit for this course. All the other units will be less time-demanding.

Q: Will I have to possess advanced knowledge of Development Evaluation to participate at this course?

A: No, you don’t have to be experienced in evaluation, although some basic knowledge of evaluation will be helpful.

Q: Will I have to start the course from the beginning, if accessed from another computer?

A: No, your online profile will be saved, so you will be able to continue from where you stopped.

Q: How the courses will be taught?

A: The courses are self-directed. In addition you will have an opportunity to engage in an online forum in the dedicated Community of Practice.

Q: Is this course available in languages other than English?

A: Courses will soon be launched in Arabic, Russian and Spanish. You can register for the courses in order to be updated when they are launched.

Q: Can I translate or adapt the course materials for my own purposes?

A: Yes, but you must acknowledge the source of the material.


Q: What is the Custom Course option?

A: In addition to set courses, you can create your own e-Learning course on "Introduction to Development Evaluation" by selecting the ten units (out of all available courses) that are the most relevant to your work.  Click here to create course.  Since the custom course does not follow planned curriculum a certificate will not be awarded for completion.


Q: Can I take an individual unit without signing up for entire course?

A: If you wish to take a few units and not an entire course, please click here to REGISTER and take the unit. You can do this for as many individual units you wish to take, however, you will not be able to print out a certificate.

Progress and accomplishment


Q: Will I receive a certificate upon taking these courses?

A: If you score more than 80% at the end of each unit test and complete the Evaluation Form, you will be able to print out a certificate of “virtual” attendance at the end of each course.

Q: Does this programme replace any academic courses?

A: The courses are designed as an additional source to strengthen your knowledge in Development Evaluation. They will not replace any academic courses, unless approved by a particular academic institution.


Q: How to print a certificate?

A: A certificate of virtual completion is available to those who have completed and passed an entire course.  Also, participant needs to complete the "Evaluation Form" after completing and passing all the units within a course.  Participant will have to click on the title of the course that ended, fill the evaluation form, and then will be able to see the option to print the certificate.
If the participant has already filled the evaluation form, they will see another button "Print Certificate" next to the evaluation form button to print the certificate.

Q: The certificate does not bear my name. What to do?

A: It could be possible that you have not yet added your name in your user account information properly. After logging into elearning.evalpartners.org, please go to "My Account" found on the top of the page, then click on "Edit" tab, then click on "Personal Information". From there, you can add or edit your name.  Kindly avoid using special characters as the system may not recognize this.

Once you've added/edited your name, you are advised to return to the title of course page that has ended, click Evaluation Form at the bottom right; you may need to fill it again before you click on "Print certificate" to obtain your certificate.

Q: Will my progress be saved between elearning periods?

A: Yes. The elearning courses take place during 3 time periods throughout the year, and after each they are closed for routine maintenance. Even if you begin a course during one period and it closes, you will be able to resume where you left off once the courses reopen.


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