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National Evaluation Capacity Development for Country-led M&E Systems

Welcome to the e-Courses course on National Evaluation Capacity Development for Country-led Monitoring and Evaluation Systems.

This e-Courses programme addresses the opportunities and challenges of National Evaluation Capacity Development for Country-led M&E systems. The perspectives and practices from partner countries, UN agencies, and multilateral agencies and donors will be presented.

By the end of this course, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of Country-led M&E Systems. The course is composed of 10 units. Participants are required to complete all units and accompanying tests to be able to print out the certificate.

Before proceeding, we encourage you to watch the video introducing the e-Courses, as well as the introductory class on Development Evaluation

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Marco SegoneMoving from Policies to Results by Developing National Capacities for country-led monitoring and evaluation systems
Saraswathi Menon and Finbar O'BrienThe Role of the UN in Fostering National Ownership and Capacities in Evaluation
Hans Lundgren and Finbar O'BrienThe Role of Multilateral and Donor Agencies in Strengthening Country-led Evaluation Systems
Hallie Preskill and Alexey KuzminExploring Effective Strategies for Facilitating Evaluation Capacity Development and Use of Evaluation Training in Evaluation Capacity Building
Marco SegoneCountry-led M&E Systems. Why, What and How
Ray Rist and Jody Zall KusekTen Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System
Michael BambergerInstitutionalizing Impact Evaluation: A Key Element in Strengthening Country-led Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
Indran NaidooThe Monitoring and Evaluation System in South Africa: Many Purposes, Multiple Systems
Diego DoradoBuilding a Results-based Management and Evaluation System in Colombia
Velayuthan SivagnanasothyNational Monitoring and Evaluation System in Sri Lanka. Experiences, Good Practices, Challenges and the Way Forward