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Introduction to Evaluating Humanitarian Action


Welcome to this e-learning course, Introduction to Evaluating Humanitarian Action, developed in partnership by ALNAP and UNICEF, in collaboration with EvalPartners and UNEG.

Based on the ALNAP Pilot Guide on 'Evaluating Humanitarian Action', this e-learning is the first of its kind. This course offers an overview of evaluation practice in humanitarian contexts, and features concrete guidance, tips and insights from experienced practitioners.

The course is composed of 10 units and it includes lectures (25 minutes on average), readings (40 pages on average) and tests (10 questions). After successfully finishing all 10 units, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Before proceeding, we encourage you to watch the following video which introduces the course and offers suggestions on how to make the most of it.

This course expands on the pilot version of the ALNAP Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Guide. You can download the Guide, in English, French and Spanish, at: www.alnap.org/eha.

The instructors in this course are John Cosgrave and Margie Buchanan-Smith. You can see their bios here.

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1. Introducing EHAMargie Buchanan Smith
2. Planning for utilisationMargie Buchanan Smith
3. Evaluation designJohn Cosgrave
4. Inception phaseJohn Cosgrave
5. Desk reviewJohn Cosgrave
6. Engaging affected peopleMargie Buchanan Smith
7. Field methods: Evaluation under constraintsJohn Cosgrave
8. Real-time evaluationsJohn Cosgrave
9. Humanitarian impact evaluationsMargie Buchanan Smith
10. Analysis, outputs, dissemination and take-upMargie Buchanan Smith

Please let us know what you think of this course. To share your feedback email us at aselakalugampitiya@yahoo.ie.


Overall project management: Erica Mattellone, representing UNICEF Evaluation Office; Francesca Bonino and Alexandra Warner, from the ALNAP Secretariat

Unit development and presentation: John Cosgrave and Margie Buchanan-Smith

Course design and communications: Maria Gili and Yael Azgad, ALNAP Secretariat

This course benefited from an extensive review process. We would like to thank all those who generously contributed their time, insights and valuable feedback. 

Franziska Schwarz and Sian Cook, ALNAP; Diana Chigas and Isabella Jean, CDA; Juliet Parker, Christian Aid; Joanna Olsen, CRS; Allan Calma, CWS-PA; Gilles Gasser, Ricardo Solé and Valentina Ferrara, DAHLIA; Annie Devonport, DEC; Jonathan Patrick, DFID; Bernd Bultemeier, FAO; Elias Sagmeister and Julia Steets, GPPi; Bonaventure Sokpoh, Groupe URD; David Loquercio, HAP; Josse Gillijns and Scott Chaplowe, IFRC; Riccardo Polastro, IOD PARC; Anjuli Shivshanker, IRC; Lisa Doherty, Irish MoFA (DFA); Sarah Bailey, ODI; Anne Buffardi and Tiina Pasanen, ODI RAPID; Vivien Walden, Oxfam GB; Hana Haller Crowe Save the Children US; Catriona Dejean and David Couzens, Tearfund; Jessica Alexander and Maria Agnese Giordano, UN OCHA; Hicham Daoudi UNFPA; Machiel Salomons, UNHCR; Lori Bell and Urs Nagel, UNICEF; Ellen Vinkey, Mona Fetouh and Robert McCouch, UN OIOS; Alistair Hallam, Valid International; Anne-Claire Luzot, Elise Benoit and Julie Thoulouzan, WFP; Marian Read, formerly with WFP; Jyotsna Puri 3iE; Silva Sedrakian.