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Equity-Focused and Gender-Responsive Evaluations

Welcome to the e-Courses course on Equity-Focused and Gender-Responsive Evaluations.

This e-Courses programme addresses the opportunities and challenges, as well as the methodological implications, of evaluating the effects of policies, programmes, and projects designed to enhance equitable development results. A special focus is directed toward effects on the most excluded, marginalized, and deprived groups.

By the end of this course, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of Equity-focused evaluation concepts and practices. The course is composed of 11 units. Participants are required to complete all units and accompanying tests to be able to print out the certificate.

Before proceeding, we encourage you to watch the video introducing the e-Courses, as well as the introductory class on Development Evaluation

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Marco Segone and Michael BambergerHow to design, implement and use equity-focused evaluations
Inga SniukaiteHow to integrate gender equality and human rights in evaluation
Katherine HayStrengthening Equity-focused evaluations through insights from feminist theory and approaches
Michael Quinn PattonHow to evaluate equity-focused and gender-responsive interventions in complex dynamic environments
Donna MertensMethodological guidance in evaluation for Social Justice
Patricia Rogers and Richard HummelbrunnerProgram theories and LogFrames to evaluate pro-poor and equity programs
Michael Quinn PattonDevelopmental Evaluation for equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations
Bob Williams and Martin ReynoldsSystem thinking for Equity-focused evaluations
Michael Quinn PattonUtilization-focused evaluation for equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations
David FettermanEmpowerment evaluation for equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations
Jim Rugh and Michael BambergerReal World Evaluations. Conducting equity-focused and gender-responsive quality evaluation under constraints