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e-Courses programme in Development Evaluation

Course Dates Now Available!
The courses will be opened on:

Please watch the introductory video below before proceeding further.

This e-Courses programme is composed of an introductory class, fixed courses, independent units and a create your own course option:

Fixed courses

Custom course

In addition, you can also create your own e-Courses course on "Introduction to Development Evaluation" by selecting the ten units (out of the courses available) that are the most relevant to your work.

Take few units

The e-Courses programme is free and open to all interested people. You may attend virtually from your personal or work computer anywhere in the world. The course includes online lectures, requested reading material, and simple multiple-choice tests. Participants also have the opportunity to engage in an online discussion forum. At the end of each course, if 80% of the answers on the multiple-choice test are correct, participants will be able to print out a certificate of "virtual" attendance.

إن الدورة التعليمية باللغة العربية حول تقييم التنمية سوف تكون مفتوحة امام الطلاب ابتداء من 1 تموز/ يوليو ولغاية 17 أيلول/سبتمبر 2015. ملاحظة: تتألف الدورة من ثماني وحدات. لانجاز الدورة، يجب دراسة المواد والنجاح في الوحدات الثمانية. في حال عدم التمكن من القيام بذلك قبل موعد إغلاق الفترة الأكاديمية، يفقد المشترك كل علاماته التي أحرزها ويتوجب عليه البدء من جديد من الوحدة الأولى عندما يقرر إعادة الدخول إلى الدورة.

These new e-Courses courses have been developed as a pilot. The lectures are the edited versions of recorded webinars. The aim is to further improve the courses based upon the feedback received by participants